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Energize Body and Mind


Each apparatus class includes the use of uniquely designed apparatus in conjunction with the mat work. The apparatus use springs and supports, creating isometric resistance with the body’s weight to massage, align, stretch, and strengthen muscles.

This class is for those new to the apparatus or Pilates in general.

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Apparatus Circuit

Work your way around the Pilates world! This class is a strength-building journey on each apparatus… From reformer to tower to chair to Bodhi, neither your mind or body will be bored!

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Balanced Body Barre

Finally – an intense and innovative body shaping workout that is Pilates-based, challenging AND safe! This class burns fat, strengthens and lengthens muscles, and creates a lean silhouette – a winning combination that gives the tone, shape and definition we all desire!

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Bodhi Suspension System

Suspension Training Just Grew Up.

The Bodhi System is the perfect blend of strength and bodyweight conditioning, Pilates, and balance training. By taking the body out of alignment with gravity, the body’s deep core muscles are challenged, and total body strength, dynamic stability, and flexibility occur.

The ideal complement to your Pilates or personal training practice, Bodhi adds standing, balance, and stability elements that bodies respond to and enjoy.

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Golf Conditioning

Learn to drive the ball farther, with better accuracy and less injury! Our Golf Conditioning classes provide strength and flexibility training specifically designed to create efficient movement patterns that will alleviate imbalances and prevent pain.

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Pilates Matwork helps to re-pattern the body to its natural postural ideal, while also developing overall strength, flexibility and body awareness. This class is a great way to learn the fundamentals of the Pilates Method, and is suitable for students of all levels.

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Mat & Toys

By combining the Arc, exercise ball, foam roller, magic circle, and towel exercises, this class challenges the core in ways you’ve never experienced. Instructor approval is required to attend this class.

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Power Mat

Push your Matwork to the next level! Low reps, high intensity, and seamless flow make this class challenging and fun. Because the class requires a strong understanding of Matwork, instructor approval is required to enroll in this class.

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The goal of this class is to lengthen and strengthen bodies of all ages and sizes while eliminating chronic tension and movement limitations. The class is restorative in nature, therefore it’s safe for every body.

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Mind/Body Fusion Apparatus

Bridge the gap between mind, body and motion! Kuniko will guide you through a progressive movement flow while integrating Pilates principles and yoga asanas with resistance training. You’ll release your everyday stress and tight muscles, while developing your core strength and refining your movement through proper alignment. Whether you’re a desk jockey, couch potato, or simply seeking balance, you’ll feel strong and centered at the end of this class that is suitable for all levels!

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