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Welcome to Dragonfly Pilates Virtual

Due to COVID-19 and the mandate by Governor Wolf, we are temporarily closing the (physical) doors at both locations until further notice. While we are saddened that the situation will keep us apart, we’re happy to do what it takes to keep all of you safe, sound, and novel virus-free. Meanwhile, we’re happy to have created another option to keep your bodies and minds fit and ready for the Germpocalypse…Welcome to Dragonfly Pilates Virtual! 

Dragonfly Pilates Virtual classes are designed for in-home use.  There is a maximum of 4 members per class to allow for individual attention from your instructor – but still be participating in a “social-distancing group class.”  Once you have booked your class, you will receive an email 1 hour before our session from please review the Best Practices provided below.  We have Virtual Home Kits available for purchase if you do not have these items at home.  Please check the schedule often as new virtual classes will be added as needed ~ feel free to suggest ideas!

If you are unable to book a virtual class, please email us at and we will complete your request in the order of receipt.  Additionally, download our app from Apple & Google Play store. Scroll down to find the respective links for the app download.

**At this time, if you are using Safari browser you may need to view schedule via desktop or download our app by selecting it below.**

We can’t stress this enough, friends—studies have shown that exercise reduces stress and boosts immunity, so let us help you prioritize your physical, mental and emotional well-being during this difficult time. Please check the schedule often as new virtual classes will be added as needed ~ feel free to suggest ideas!

Dragonfly Virtual Best Practices

  • Wear clothing that contrasts the floor. Avoid wearing monochromatic black, contrasting colors make it easier for your teacher to see and correct you as needed.
  • Have your props at the ready! This includes balls, bands, weights, pillows, soup cans, TP, towels, etc. Having these at arms reach keeps the classes moving efficiently. (Dragonfly Pilates Virtual Home Kits are available for purchase.)
  • Arrive at the session 10 minutes early so we can test connections, positions, etc. Once all tests are complete, please mute your microphone. If projecting from your cell phone, turn it to landscape (horizontal) view — This will allow for easier viewing by your teacher. Use the Screen Lock option to keep your scheme from reverting to portrait (vertical) mode. Please select Do Not Disturb so your call won’t be interrupted by phone calls. Use a tripod or stand for your phone. They can be easily found on Amazon for cheap! Tripod will help enhance your experience. *If you don’t have a tripod, you can create one using books to get to level, but please notify your instructor of this modification.
  • Remember if you feel lost, or are struggling, speak up! If you have a question, someone else may as well.
  • Prioritize your class your time, as you would in the studio! Just as if we were in class, once its on your schedule make class a priority. The connections we making, especially in difficult situations only makes our community stronger.