What Is Pilates?

Pilates is core strengthening. In Pilates, we develop the muscles of the midsection and the small intrinsic muscles of the body through the precise execution of flowing exercises and dynamic breath patterns. In doing this, Pilates enthusiasts develop longer and leaner muscles, heightened coordination and improved posture. Quality of movement is key – not high reps and heavy weights. And it’s not just about physical fitness: Pilates nourishes the mind along with the body by encouraging focus, centering and control.

Joseph Pilates created two forms of his method which, when used together, provide maximum results. The Mat work re-patterns the body and corrects both form and movement. The Apparatus work is comprised of Pilates-specific equipment used to complement the mat work. This equipment creates resistance that aligns the spine, stretches and strengthens the muscles — literally reforms the body!

At Dragonfly Pilates, both mat and apparatus are used as a system in order to achieve the full benefit of Pilates. Three sessions per week are recommended to achieve optimal results, but everyone must work within their own lifestyles and schedules to reach their goals.

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