Membership Has Its Privileges

A Dragonfly Pilates membership means that you are committed to improve your core, stability, and flexibility - which improves your overall every day life!  Also, we’re known for teaching group classes that feel like private sessions.

Commitment is the key to success. The more you practice, the more formidable you will become on both the inside and outside! We offer a wide range of memberships to satisfy different personal goals and financial needs. We have membership options for those needs and more, and each membership is available in 3, 6, or 12-month bundles. 


New Client

New Client Special

$129 for 5 classes to be used in 20 days.

Our new client special is an ideal way to kickstart your Pilates journey, and if you are familiar to Pilates but new to our studio, this is an economic way to experience our community.

4 Classes Per Month

Fly on the Wall 12 Month: 

$139 per month for 12 months

One Class per week for a total of 48 Classes in 12 months 

Fly on the Wall 6 Month: 

$159 per month for 6 months

One Class per week for a total of 24 Classes in 6 months 

Fly on the Wall 3 Month: 

$179 per month for 3 months

One Class per week for a total of 12 Classes in 3 months 

8 Classes Per Month

Voyager 12 Month:

$249 per month for 12 months

Two Classes per week for a total of 96 Classes in 12 months

Voyager 6 Month:

$269 per month for 6 months

Two Classes per week for a total of 48 Classes in 6 months

Voyager 3 Month:

$289 per month for 3 months

Two Classes per week for a total of 24 Classes in 3 months 

12 Classes Per Month

Frequent Flyer 12 Month Membership

$339 per month for 12 months

Three Classes per week for a total of 144 Classes in 12 months

Frequent Flyer 6 Month Membership

$359 per month for 6 months

Three Classes per week for a total of 72 Classes in 6 months

Frequent Flyer 3 Month Membership

$379 per month for 3 months

Three Classes per week for a total of 36 Classes in 3 months 

Group Session Packs

Group Session - Drop-In

$48 /class to be used in 1 week 

For new clients, a drop-in class rate will be applied to their membership.

Group Session - 5 Pack

$225 for 5 classes to be used in 2 months

Group Session - 10 Pack

$450 for 10 classes to be used in 3 months

Group Session - 20 Pack

$850 for 20 classes in 6 months

Pilates Props

If you regularly attend Pilates Mat classes, you've most likely used props. Small objects like balls and bands improve your Pilates technique. By isolating or stimulating specific muscles, props can trigger "a-ha" moments even during the most basic workout.

Some classes may require small Pilates props - our props kits are available for an additional fee.  Props may also be purchased independently - Recommendations provided below with links to Amazon.


With Gratitude, We Celebrate

Every day is an opportunity to cherish the loved ones around you and remember those who are no longer with us; to show compassion for one another. We celebrate sending and receiving gifts, but we often struggle to find that "IT" gift for that special someone. We have you covered - share the gift of health and wellness with...a Dragonfly Pilates Gift Certificate - It's like giving someone the Fountain of Youth!

Gift Cards

I get ignored so much, people should call me Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

Gift Certificates


Memberships are monthly auto draft programs with a three-month commitment; cancellation requires 30 days written notice.  Due to the small size of our classes, we require cancellations to be made at least 24 hours before the start of the class. If you cancel within 24 hours, you lose your class.  A valid credit card must be on your profile with the studio in order to enroll in class.  Payments are non-refundable and single classes, class packages, memberships and are non-transferable.  Instructors may be subject to change without notice. 


Wait lists are treated as if they were a reserved class. If a spot becomes available, you will be moved into the class - as close to forty-five minutes before the start of class. You will automatically receive a confirmation email with virtual link when you've been added to the class (make sure you subscribed to our emails!). Please remove yourself from the wait list as soon as you know you will no longer be able to attend class. If you are moved from the waiting list to the class and miss the class, our late cancellation policy will apply. We make every effort to ensure that everyone who wishes to attend class is able to do so.  

Client Specials:


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