Any workshop, regardless of the suggested skill levels below, can be tailored to the audience upon request.

Closing the Loop:

Understanding Grip for Optimal Performance

Participants will explore the grip of the hands and feet and how it informs the function of the shoulder girdle and the lower limb, respectively. By the end of the workshop, participants will understand the critical connections between the grip of the hands and feet and optimal functional performance. They will also address common misconceptions about the mechanics of grip and alignment, and understand how conditions such as Tech Thumb, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis and others affect the function of the nearby structures. Participants will receive practical tips to implement varying grip and activation techniques within the dynamic Pilates environment to help clients better access their hands and feet throughout their Pilates practice.

Suitable for all movement teachers.

Take Flight:

Training on the Bodhi Suspension System from a Pilates Perspective

This workshop is designed to both build the foundation and fill in the gaps between the beloved Pilates repertoire and the Bodhi Suspension System, and demonstrate ways to integrate it seamlessly into the Pilates environment. Participants will discuss the similarities and differences between other suspension training systems and the Bodhi Suspension System, and demonstrate how the BSS's unique design “graduates” suspension training and mind/body movement to its highest level. They will also learn progression-based programming strategies for those who are new to the BSS. Finally, those with experience on the Bodhi Suspension System will enjoy a fresh perspective on the BSS repertoire.

Suitable for all movement teachers.

Break It to Build It:

Deconstructing Pilates Mat Exercises to Create Success

Many teachers struggle with progressing students safely from level to level - especially in the mixed-level class environment. This workshop is designed to take the guesswork out of leveling up! In it, participants will learn to deconstruct the intermediate and advanced exercises to their foundations to add ease or difficulty, and clarity to the movements. This will allow teachers to see the critical through line of each exercise, from the most basic level to its pinnacle, so they will recognize the value of the pre-Pilates exercises as a foundational scaffold and ensure each client an individualized experience, even within a group class setting.

Suitable for all levels.

Roller Revolution 1 and 2

In this interactive workshop, participants will expand their understanding and application of the foam roller for stretching, strengthening, balance, and more. By the end of this workshop, participants will have the tools to implement a safe and effective at-home program that suits their physical needs and time constraints.

Suitable for all levels.

Give Your Shoulders A Hand

Our hands do more than help us hold things - the hand and grip provide critical information to the shoulder girdle, thus having great implications for the scapula, the neck, and even overall health.

Join Misty Lynne Cauthen as she explores grip, hand engagement, and the application of grip in the Pilates space. You'll learn practical methods to build functional strength in the hands, wrists, and shoulders and then connect that to how grip strength informs the shoulder girdle and upper body in exercises on both the mat and apparatus.

Learn how to watch for a breakdown in the hand/shoulder connection as well as cue better mechanics and how this vital functional skill creates a more informed movement practitioner. This workshop is offered through

Pilates Anytime:

Fortify the Mat Series

Check out Fortify the Mat, my eight-week Pilates program, on Pilates Anytime. The focus of the program was on incorporating a variety of props into the repertoire to keep it fresh, invigorating, and fun. You'll laugh, you'll (maybe) cry, but you'll take the classes again!

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