Pilates Live Group Sessions

Transform your body and elevate your spirit in the comfort of your home. Or hotel room. Or poolside. Never miss class again our virtual classes.

Mat Classes

Pilates Mat helps to re-pattern the body to its natural postural ideal, while also developing overall strength, flexibility and body awareness. Our classes are suitable for students of all levels. With only 4-5 members per class, be assured that you will receive plenty of personal attention and individualized instruction.

*All sessions are 50 minutes / 24-hour cancellation policy.

Pilates Mixed Level Mat

This Pilates Mixed Level Mat class is tailored to the participants, providing modifications for the advanced client while reinforcing the principles and core methodologies for all levels; influencing coordination, breath control, and enhancing flexibility, balance, strength, and mindfulness. *Beginner Friendly

Pilates Foundations Mat

This Pilates Foundations Mat class incorporates the classic Pilates sequence, that is an exceptional workout while providing the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits: strengthening your core, raising awareness of your postural habits and imbalances, and learning healthy spinal mechanics. *Beginner Friendly

Pilates Stretch

The Pilates Stretch class is a reward to your body from you. Allow yourself to relax, breathe, and balance your mind and body. The stretches will not only improve your posture, flexibility, and blood flow, but they will also help you release back and muscle discomfort, tension headaches, and mental stress. Feel revitalized, relaxed, and aligned by moving through this complete body stretch before you start your day. *Beginner Friendly

Pilates Mattitude

Pilates Mattitude – Attitude on the mat! A classical powerhouse Pilates session that will not only get your heart pumping and calories burning, but will also condition your complete body with challenging exercises. Prepare to sweat as you work your way through an intense blend of fundamental and intermediate techniques, as well as athletic conditioning, to strengthen and lengthen your entire body. Prepare to put in a lot of effort and reap the benefits. *Have your props ready: Pilates Ball, Roller, TheraBands, Pinky & Super Ball.

Konnections on the Mat®

Konnections for the Mat by Konnect Method® will revolutionize the way you feel about Pilates Mat Work. The original exercises will feel fresh and new. Learn to create deep internal connections that will improve your overall strength, stability, and balance. The resistance band is used to both support and challenge your movement. Konnect Method® was created by Viktor Uygan. *An 8-Foot Yellow TheraBand is required for this class.

Mind Over Mat(ter)

Mind Over Mat(ter) incorporates traditional mat exercises and props, making it ideal for learning and living Joseph Pilates' essential concepts. Controlled motions allow you to focus on the substance of each exercise while also allowing you to execute each exercise with accuracy, intention, efficiency, and a high level of difficulty. Beginners will find it easy to follow, while experienced Pilates enthusiasts will find it challenging. *Beginner Friendly

Pilates Mat with Props!

Discover the benefits of Pilates by taking Mat w/ Props! Props add a creative, tactile element to keep your mind and body engaged in the exercise. When we use props, the body's proprioceptors activate, improving our ability to navigate the environment - focusing and strengthening our mind-body connection. *Have your props ready: Pilates Ball, Roller, TheraBands, Pinky & Super Ball.

Stretch & Flow

This Stretch & Flow Pilates Mat class is for all-levels and every BODY! To enhance the core and rebalance the body, it incorporates therapeutic stretches and Pilates exercises. Props can help you develop flexibility, range of motion, and technique while deepening your posture. *Beginner Friendly

Mat Work

You're not new to this, but you want to stay true to it - Let's go to work! Mat Work takes it up a notch in this mixed movement mat class. We will focus on abdominal strength as well as stretching the back, sides, front body, and hamstrings. *Have your props ready: Pilates Ball, Roller, TheraBands, Pinky & Super Ball. *Beginner Friendly.

Reformer On The Mat

If you are keen on the Reformer – be prepared to love the intensity of this Reformer on the Mat class! What's great about Pilates is that you can do many of the Reformer exercises with just a mat. So, when you get back to the Reformer - you will be stronger, connected, and skilled. *Beginner Friendly

Pilates Beginners Series

Our Pilates for Beginners Series is designed for those who are new to the Pilates method. It's Pilates from the ground, up, with each movement taught in a way that’s both relatable and personal.

By the end of the eight-week series, you’ll develop a strong foundation in Pilates, feel the benefits, and be confident to join our Dragonfly Pilates community. *Offer valid for new clients only.

  • Series begins: TBD

  • Take up to eight classes

  • With only 6 members per class, be assured that you will receive plenty of personal attention and individualized instruction.

We run a bi-monthly schedule that reflects our member's needs - keeps you engaged so you can... ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!

Apparatus Classes

Each apparatus class includes the use of uniquely designed apparatus in conjunction with the mat work. The apparatus use springs and supports, creating isometric resistance with the body’s weight to massage, align, stretch, and strengthen muscles.

*Pilates Apparatus Required / All sessions are 50-minutes / 24-hour cancellation policy.

Pilates Chair

You must have a Pilates Chair to participate in this class. The Pilates Chair augments strength and challenges balance in a way that is powerful, unique, and fun!

Pilates Reformer

You must have a Pilates Reformer to participate in this class. Develop strength, flexibility and balanced movement that will translate into your daily life in this dynamic class.

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