I'm an undercover optimist with boundary issues. - Misty Lynne

What is a teacher?

Teaching is engagement: we take what may be seen as obtuse or insurmountable and turn it into something possible, tangible, and accessible. We demystify. 

My core belief is... 

When we move better, we feel better inside and out. When we feel better, we can change our worlds for the better, too. 

Think bigger and dive deeper into your personal and professional growth goals.

Date: Starts August 2023

Location: Zoom 

Whether you are a beginner teacher or an experienced educator, Demistified Mentoring with Misty Lynne is the place for you to invest in your Pilates teachings within an inviting inclusive, and egalitarian space.

Based on your length of engagement, you may expect:

Teachers who desire to reintegrate their personal practice into their daily lives should attend this course. Class size is limited to guarantee plenty of time for questions and movement experiences.

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