Due to COVID-19 and the mandate by Governor Wolf, we are temporarily closing the (physical) doors at both locations until further notice!

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Our classes are designed to promote strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness to tone and energize the mind and body. We recognize that no two bodies are alike; all of the sessions at Dragonfly Pilates are customized so that every experience is personal.

All of our instructors are certified, thereby guaranteeing our clients an in-depth, physically challenging and mentally stimulating Pilates experience with each lesson.

Joseph Pilates created two forms of his method which, when used together, provide maximum results. The mat work re-patterns the body and corrects both form and movement. The apparatus work is comprised of Pilates-specific equipment used to compliment the mat work. This equipment creates resistance that aligns the spine, stretches and strengthens the muscles and literally reforms the body.


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