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Owner | Balanced Body Master Teacher

Speaker | Dragonslayer 

When you’re doing what you’re born to do, 20 years goes by in a blink…

I’ve used the Pilates Method to educate people of all ages and stages about the power of movement and its ability to strengthen, balance, and heal their bodies. For 20 years, demystifying movement for those who’ve been in pursuit of growth and understanding of how to bring their minds and bodies together so they can live better has been more than a business for me. I’m passionate about helping people live better because when we feel better, we show up as better, happier, and more complete human beings. We give more, we’re open to experience more, and we find joy. 

Over the past two years, I’ve been honored to be a business mentor and coach, to help people from business owners to those in transition, to those new to the professional world, slay the dragons that inhibit their success. As a mentor, I do more than just listen and slap together a plan! I put on the armor, work with you to design the map, and walk alongside you as you embark on your journey to create the business that brings you happiness (not just work).

Outside of work, I’m a comics geek, a collector of knives, and a lover of movie fight choreography. I have a 15-year old son, Harrison, and a husband-like-product, Glen; both of whom keep me honest, on my toes, and laughing... from my core, of course.


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Desiree S. Lee

Teaching from Florida

Pilates Rolling Like a Ball is my favorite mat exercise.  You learn how to control your movement and acquire your natural center of balance. Developing a stable and elongated spine while relating breath to movement. It's a great way to give yourself an impromptu back massage to help relax. 

Desiree S. Lee has been a professional dancer/instructor for over 25 years and has traveled abroad to West Africa to participate in African dance workshops.  Formal dance training introduced her to Pilates and now Dragonfly Pilates is pleased to welcome her to our team.  Desiree’s goal is to use dance and modern Pilates movements to naturally encourage the release of tension and induce relaxation. In turn, healing your body – mentally, physically, and emotionally, while having fun!

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Change happens through movement and movement heals.

-Joseph H. Pilates